photo of man and woman wearing COVID-19 face masks working on laptop

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, your website is an essential tool to keep your customers up-to-date on your services, hours, and relevant news. Here are a three simple tips you can implement on your WordPress website to help keep business flowing:

1. Incorporate a website banner or pop-up with timely updates

Using a WordPress plugin like SimpleBanner or PopUp Maker, add a brief message outlining any changes in service or hours for your business. If applicable, include information about how you are protecting your customers and employees.

example of website banner on non-profit website
example of website banner on non-profit website

Keep this message brief and focused on the key changes most relevant to your customer. If you have longer content you need to communicate, create a blog post or page and link to it for more information. Should changes occur as time goes on, update your messaging accordingly.

Send a message if you’d like any assistance incorporating this into your WordPress website.

2. Update event information

If you have any in-person events scheduled,  review the event information and ensure it is updated with any relevant changes: including shift to online option, postponement, payments/refunds, etc.

If you are cancelling the event, be sure to disable any online registration links or functionality.

3. Update Your Contact Us and FAQ pages

Update your contact page with any change to hours or appointment setting options.

If you have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, add a few commonly asked questions related to COVID-19 for easy reference for you and your customers. This will help reduce the need to answer recurring questions and make the answers more easily accessible to customers visiting your website.

If you don’t already have a FAQ page, consider creating one and linking to it from your navigation menu and/or COVID-19 messaging. If your site uses WP Bakery Page Builder (or similar), there are FAQ and Accordion modules available to easily create this page or you can use a plugin like Ultimate FAQs. Once the pandemic is over, you can easily remove the COVID-19 related questions or update accordingly with any current business changes.

Heather Larson is a WordPress consultant based in Seattle, Washington, who designs and develops user-friendly and scalable websites.