WordPress Website Design + Development

Day is New Creative creates clean and logical websites built on WordPress that are easy for you to update. With a custom design carefully crafted based on a thorough analysis of your specific goals and audience, your website will be built with standards-based development to ensure a quality user experience.

Benefits of a WordPress website

WordPress websites are extremely flexible and scalable, producing a website that is just right for you and your target audience with lots of room to grow! Your website’s theme (the look and feel) will be programmed using standards-based HTML5 and CSS code ensuring a consistent user experience across multiple browsers and devices.  Thorough testing will be performed across the most commonly used browsers today (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) to ensure a positive user experience.

WordPress offer thousands of powerful plug-ins to help incorporate more advanced functionality for your audience. Blogs, event calendars, and registration forms are just a small sampling of what you can easily include to engage your audience and keep them coming back.

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Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics can be incorporated into your website to provide thorough website analytics reporting. The data provided can help you to further refine and optimize your website to attract new visitors and keep your existing ones coming back.

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