Key Benefits of Email + Social Media Campaigns

Email and social media marketing are essential ingredients for a successful business in today’s times. Business owners may be surprised to learn of the major benefits of email and social media marketing over traditional advertising. They are numerous!

1. Low cost way of reaching large numbers of customers and creating long-lasting customer relationships
Email and social media campaigns allow businesses and organizations to reach large amounts of customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. They also offer greater flexibility and the ability to customize based on your customer’s unique interests.

2. Instant communication with dynamic and visually-appealing content to entice your customers
Within minutes of sending your email campaign, your customers will receive the message in their inbox. Compared to preparing and sending your traditional print job to the printer, then waiting for it to be sent, received, and opened by your customers, the savings on time and resources is unbeatable. This can also be used to your advantage for time-sensitive campaigns.

3. The surprising perks of forwarding
You may be surprised at how many times your targeted email or social media post ends up being responded to by someone who wasn’t on your list but received it from a friend or colleague.  These are the wonderful perks of forwarding and sharing in the online world.  Word of mouth (or forward/share) can become exponential quite quickly.

4. Easier on the trees and our planet
The amount of natural resources used to produce a traditional print campaign are drastically reduced after shifting to online communications. You can have peace of mind that your shift to online marketing is also helping conserve the Earth’s resources.

5. Analytics 
With analytics reporting, you will have access to statistics on how many people opened your message, what links they most commonly clicked, and other activity.  Using this data to optimize future campaigns will help yield even greater results in the long term.

6. Invite quick and easy customer feedback
Email and social media marketing creates an easy two-way conversation between you and your customers. They are great ways to encourage feedback from the public and to showcase the stellar customer service skills that make your business so well-liked.

How can I help you with email marketing and social media campaigns?

Day is New Creative’s email and social media marketing services include:

  • Email newsletter campaigns thoughtfully crafted to keep your audience engaged and connected
  • HTML template design and coding
  • Content development, including copywriting and editing, with your specific target audience(s) in mind
  • Email campaign distribution and tracking
  • Social marketing plan development and implementation using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and more
  • Campaign analytics reporting and analysis

Send me a note for more information or an estimate.

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