I love it – everything looks perfect. I couldn’t be more excited.
– John Fahey, Author, Greatest Lake in the World

Heather did a wonderful job creating and updating the PNW SOPHE website. She is very on top of her work and you can always rely on Heather to get the job done. – Molly Schoeb, PNW SOPHE Board Member

Heather was a terrific webmaster for Helpguide.org. She took the site from its earliest stages to a wonderful, easy-to-use resouces that now serves many thousands of people around the world. It was a great experience to work with Heather and her quiet, competent style. – Jaelline Jaffe, PhD, LMFT, Writer / Editor, Helpguide.org

Heather Larson is not only a gifted Website designer and developer, she is also amazingly fast and patient. Heather is up to every task, guiding all of us with great composure, creativity and efficiency. She’s my role model! – Ruth Luban, Managing Editor, Helpguide.org

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have provided this year and the fantastic job you performed!!! Very, very much appreciated!!! – Jason Prohaska, Digital Services, Mattel Inc.

Heather Larson is a talented, knowledgeable young woman who is extremely well-versed in webpage design and computers in general. Her ability to solve problems in an efficient manner plus her professionalism are invaluable assets to anyone needing her talents. I have worked with Heather for almost two years and she has always performed flawlessly, delivering on time and with no need for revisions and other time-consuming alterations. She is a delight to work with. – Sergio Ortiz, Freelance Writer and Photographer

Heather goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and wide array of knowledge have significantly affected my company’s productivity. Thanks for all the hard work! We couldn’t have made it without you. – Naz Keynejad, President, Western Direct, Inc.

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